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Support Ben Robertson for county commissioner

May 13, 2022

What do I want in a County Commissioner for Boundary County? Many things is the answer to this question. Probably the most important aspect would be integrity. An individual who will look you in the face and say the truth as they see it. A person who has no problem being honest in the face of adversity.

Someone who can have the pressure on their shoulders and still stand firm in what is right in their eyes.

Next, I would have to say that it is important for a candidate to care more for this community than they do for themselves. A candidate who has given back to their community via volunteering on various groups and boards. A person who will have the gumption to support what is best for community even if it goes against what might be best for themselves or their friends.

Next would be a person who has knowledge of the generations moving forward. Someone who has concerns for future generations and their wellbeing. A candidate who understands growth is not stoppable, yet can be sustainable. Someone who sees that our people need change.

Last, I would like a candidate who realizes the shortcomings in our community. Someone not afraid to express their concerns. Our community has a real issue with drugs and crime. Most people do not realize the dangers that our people are facing. Most people do not realize the shortcomings that our road and bridge department faces. There are many areas that our county is deficient, in my opinion. I know that we cannot fix everything in a day, but our public needs to be truthfully informed of these issues as they arise. This is the only way that we can help make informed decision as a public. Transparency is needed by our local government.

After deep consideration I ask that you vote for Ben Roberston as County Commissioner. A Family man from our community who is truly for our community. He is a man that wants to grow with our community and keep it informed.

Kyle Watts, Vic Rae , Tom Oxford, Charli Turner, Clint Kimball, Delton Amoth
Chad Kimball, Caleb Watts, Andy Scott, Tim Chaney, Brett Payne, Craig Olson
Dan Hooper, Shirley Watts, Nichele Whittaker, Bruce Whittaker, Paul Wells
Michael Cossairt, Joy Watts, Bruce Whittaker, Benny Hofer, Paula Burt , Chad Burt and Travis Stolley
All of Boundary County

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