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Boundary County voted 100-percent in battle of good vs. evil

May 18, 2022

Bonners Ferry and Boundary County Republicans voted 100-percent for our area's endorsed recommended candidates for this midterm primary election. The people voted accordingly in North Idaho's upper Panhandle and the all the candidates won they voted for!

The specific number votes each candidate got is listed briefly in review for quick reference.

Endorsements for candidates were made in writing by "Vote May 17" and "We the People." As I arrived at the location of the precinct I was to vote at, I received a card that said; "bring this card to the polls to vote."

Also, The People's Pen newspaper articles published six issues. I got their issue #5 of a six issue introductory run at our local Safeway Grocery Market in Bonners Ferry and, last but not least, our community also received by mail, a flyer from North Idaho Voter Services recommending their "Qualified Candidate Endorsements."

Just a little note to thank you for publishing the BF, Boundary Country mid-term primary election results for our community!

As I peruse the results, it looks like our community in our area, compromising Bonners Ferry, Moyie Springs, Naples, etc. batted 100-percent in a 100-percenty win for all the
endorsed candidates in the above referenced resources (i.e. We The People, The People's Pen and North Idaho Voter Services.)

To me, that is an amazing Republican win turnout that all the candidates the people in our area chose won and have been elected to represent our area!

A quick glance of this review went as follows (per your report and numbers of votes each candidate won by -- for the following Republicans that ran for this race:
  • U.S. Senator: Mike Crapo won in the Boundary County community area by 1,914 votes. And how did Senator Mike Crapo do in the entire State of Idaho? He won with 68-percent of the vote.
  • Governor of Idaho: Our North Idaho community in our area voted for Janice McGeachin, endorsed by President Trump, and she won in the BF area by 1,785 votes, although the Republican "establishment," some of us believe, gave the win for governor to Brad Little, but not likely the people's choice in overall Idaho?

Channel 7 KTVB News interviewed Governor Brad Little immediately at 9 p.m. when the polls closed in Northwest Idaho and we heard Brad say, "the numbers don't lie." Pure numbers do not lie unless the arithmetic, the math, has been manipulated by corruption in some way. But how, some may ask?

Well, i.e. by Rhinos in the Republican party's establishment! We have seen corruption in our elections across our nation, especially in this critical time of history of the battle between good and evil in our nation, the USA.

To continue...
  • Lieutenant Governor: Priscilla Giddings won Boundary County/community voter's support in our area by 1,964 Votes.
  • Attorney General: Raul Labrador won by 2,153 votes.
  • Secretary of State: Dorothy Moon was chosen and she won by 1,901 votes.
  • Senator District 1: Scott Herndon was selected and he won by 1,871 votes.
  • Representative District A: Spencer Hutchins won by 1,228 votes.
  • State Super of Education: Brandon Durst was recommended and won by 1,765 votes in our community.
  • Boundary County Commissioner District 3: The people voted for Ben Robertson, who won by 2,076 votes.
  • Representative B: Sage Dixon won by one (1) vote. He won 1,577 votes vs. 1,576 votes that Todd Engel received by our local voters. (I personally may have made the difference for Sage Dixon's win over Todd Engel's 1,576 votes since I personally voted for Sage Dixon in my area on May 17!)

It reminds us and shows that one voter doing their civic duty and privilege of voting and having our voice heard in our great nation can make a difference!

Of course, it goes without saying that one's vote must be, by law, legitimate, authentic and legal in every part of our land and nation here in the USA for it to count as an honest vote in a free Democrat Republic nation such as ours during official elections.

We say this because our nation has seen corruption nationwide in our voting systems in many areas which many states are trying to rectify and fix so we can have free and fair elections.

Overall, the people of Boundary Country showed up and voted for our Gem State of Idaho, showing we love and care for our state and country based on many of our citizens strong, Godly foundations in God and His Word the Scriptures.

We know that the State of Idaho overall has elected other Republican candidates than the ones Boundary County voted for and who won but it shows a good turn out.

Steve Fioravanti won with 1,603 votes for Boundary County Commissioner District 2 and Ben Robertson won for Boundary County Commissioner District 3. And last but not least, we the people voted as one voice for Idaho State Controller - Brandon Woolf and others.

Overall, our story is that we pray, we care and we vote!

May God heal our land and restore our freedom and republic!
Ferly Savage Greenhalgh
Bonners Ferry

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P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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