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Another point of view about the election

May 23, 2022

Yes we lost, but have you any idea what has been lost? The county has been overrun with a collection of people with the most extreme ideology and dangerous self-righteous, self-serving, self-promoting and pompous posturing; dangerous in the fact that they use God as their hammer.

"This is God's will," they say, "so our ideology is the most supreme."

And history repeats itself once again. Are you aware that throughout history the most dangerous man is a religious man? With the backing of God's name countless atrocities have been committed and continue to be committed.

I have nothing against God, religion or for the most part any other belief system, believe how you will, but do not impose your belief systems on everybody else whether they are on board or not. There is a reason the church and state are separated.

So you won, well good for you. The halls of government are not the halls of the church.

I ask again, have you any idea what you have lost?

In this community that you have moved to, you just steam-rolled over a collection of humanity that generally got along, live and let live, a very diverse community that actually worked as a whole. We had great, hardworking, honest individuals with integrity representing us, looking out for our interest in business, infrastructure, schools, and budget, the everyday nuts and bolts of a diverse community.

You arrived with your political and religious baggage with your eyes wide shut without taking the time to integrate or realize that here you could act and believe as you wished. You could breathe freely, worship in your church and carry on in your faith. No, you made it divisive. You chose the path of the Taliban, to impose your will, "because God said it's right" on everyone else.

Well guess what? Jesus was a Jew, and he may even have been gay. What do you know? Get over it. The point is he loved his neighbor, you don't. You are using God to prove your point when no self-respecting God would back you up. What have you lost? Paradise. What have you taken from us? Free choice.

Of course, we who have lived here for eons are partly to blame. If you enjoy what you have, vote for what you have or someone else may just take it away from you. Be informed, don't believe the lies. When God's name is used as an endorsement and an advertising tool, God may not actually be in support of the hype.

He teaches all men are created equal, not just those pushing an extremist agenda. So next time, be accountable, get off the duff that God gave you and take responsibility for your paradise.

And guess what? "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings," There is always the write-in vote for November.
Jody McClintock
Moyie Springs

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