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Sorry, Big Bear ... no

June 30, 2020

By Mike Weland

I woke this morning to two identical emails, both from Alex Pratt (alexpratt71@gmail.com). I know they didn't come from Owen Benjamin himself, just as I know Owen didn't show up himself to interrogate me last year after I published my initial article regarding Beartaria. Owen Benjamin can claim innocence. But I have little doubt that Big Bear was behind it, fitting a pattern. He's an instigator.

"Hey mike," Alex wrote, "have you raped any children lately? Your neighbors say they won’t let children within 100 feet of you. I’ve also heard from your neighbors that you also like to f**k farm animals. It’ll all be in my new article, but I thought I’d give you a chance to defend yourself, before I publish. Any comments?"

I know it was impolite, but I did respond.

"Well ... if it ain't ol' needle d*ck the bug f**cker!" I wrote. "How in the hell are you?!"

No response yet, but I'm sure I'll be mentioned again in a few Owen Benjamin screeds to come. I am pleased I've raised Owen's ire, and I don't take seriously the inane defamation, the bullying. It's laughable. I only hope I can convince those deciding his conditional use application now under consideration in Boundary County that they can consider an applicant's character, by his very own published words,  in rendering their decision. That in serving the public interest, they must. Other jurisdictions have rebuffed his plans. It would be in the best interest of Boundary County to do the same.

It would be charitable to trust the assurances of a man speaking to a group holding approval authority over his plans; it would be foolish to ignore the things he says in public forum to those he is asking to fund his plans.

"When considering a conditional use application, the planning and zoning commission should determine, at minimum: 7.7.1. Whether the application, site plan and additional documentation provided by the applicant sufficiently demonstrates the full scope of the use proposed."

Based on the content of the application compared to the applicant's own words, the answer is clearly "no."

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