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A warning to others

July 9, 2022

Owen Benjamin Smith committed fraud and is a compulsive liar for his own gain. I have been advised to sue him for slander and defamation and for cyberfraud, but up until now have been hesitant as I live in Australia. He has called me a crazy criminal and spent 20 minutes on one of his livestreams trying to humiliate me and lying about me over 40 times to his audience for the sake of making an example of me so that no more of his followers would ask for a refund of the $400 plus they sent him for the promised campgrounds.

This all happened due to false information about me, being passed on to Mr. Smith after the last planning and zoning meeting in Bonner County a year ago. Nic Boydston, who whispered lies to Mr. Smith at the time, has since publicly apologized to me for all the problems he caused me. Neither of them knew me at the time or anything about me.

What followed were more of his deranged followers, around ten or so, constantly stalking my social media and Amazon and leaving bad reviews. More recently I received a death threat. James Wakeman Coddington, Mr. Smith's social media manager, opened several fake accounts on the Rumble platform to further deride and try to frighten me from telling the truth about Mr. Smith and his cult.

The reason I am writing this is because Mr. Smith lied again about me during the most recent hearing at Boundary County. "Oh no, that was only one troll, editing videos from Australia," he said. And because once again, I have been strongly advised to go to the press about his land fraud and lies.

I was surprised to hear that his character was not allowed to be questioned at the hearing, though I do understand that it was only about the type of dwellings, water rights etc. That Mr. Smith was allowed to lie about me again was astounding.

I need help to know where to go from here. People have told me to contact the commissioners, but because I have never owned land, I do not think anything I have to say will help them make a decision regarding this matter.

I was a follower of Mr. Smith's livestreams for nearly three years and honestly trusted that he was telling the truth when he said he wanted to help young men recover from drug/alcohol problems at the campgrounds. He told everyone that it would be called TreeHab and I thought that it was a good thing and did not understand the logistics of all that he was promising.

I need to stress that I do not care what politics, beliefs, ideologies or religious affiliations Owen and his wife have. This letter is not about that at all. It is to warn others of Mr Smith's lies, manipulation and cyberfraud.
Elizabeth Moldovan

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