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Who needs a library? Let's just close it

July 20, 2022

Interesting the stance some have taken against the already regulated contents of the library, the staff and the board. Let’s just close it. "Oh no Mr. Bill! Don’t do that! It serves the community and sooo many people rely on it and enjoy it."

Doesn’t matter. It’s my way or the highway by golly. The subtle, continued harassment of those trying to find middle ground will take its toll. As it has throughout the country in many professions.

Let’s have the new transparent, involved, land loving, penny pinching commissioners vote to abolish the library tax district. Sell off the assets and tear down the building. Better yet, burn it down. Great practice for the fire department.

After all, who needs it? No one reads anymore is a refrain often heard. Besides, there is always the internet where you can buy and sell anything and anyone. Who needs books? Just hand the kid a “smart” phone.

Let’s close it.
Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs

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