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Good things happening for real conservative Republicans

July 25, 2022

By Idaho Representative Heather Scott

It has been a full 2 months since my last correspondence, before the Idaho Primary Election. It was then that Idahoans had the opportunity to replace the majority of the Republican executive branch with elected officials who were not globalists. Sadly, many of the globalists were elected.

That said, there have been some important victories:
  • Kootenai County replaced EVERY moderate Republican incumbent with liberty minded replacements who are supportive of the Idaho Republican Platform.
  • Central committees across the state removed entrenched established Republicans from precinct positions and replaced them with conservative grassroots advocates who are ready to join the fight to protect and conserve our freedoms.
  • The 20-year incumbent attorney general who has done little to protect Idahoans’ freedoms was replaced by a candidate proven to listen and work with citizens, not ignore their rights.
  • Over 63 liberty candidates across the state stepped up to run for a legislative position. Although not all won, their efforts were significant as they diverted resources from other races, allowing many new liberty legislators to be elected! The Senate had significant victories, making it more conservative. Hopefully it will no longer act as an extension of the executive office.
  • One of the biggest successes happened last weekend when citizen Republican delegates from across the state gathered and replaced the Chairman of the Idaho State Republican Party with Representative Dorothy Moon. Dorothy is a dear friend and a fearless protector of individual rights and liberty. The Idaho Freedom Caucus said it best:

"The Idaho Freedom Caucus would like to congratulate one of our own, Representative Dorothy Moon, on her tremendous victory in becoming the next Idaho Republican Party State Chair! Dorothy has a long history of tireless commitment to advocating and protecting individual liberties and freedoms in our state. Many Idahoans are frustrated with the gradual takeover of the Party by special interest groups and woke corporations and we look forward to the refreshing changes coming under her leadership. Republicans are the party of the people and we fully support Dorothy’s vision and will work together with her to strengthen the Idaho conservative principles clearly stated in our Republican platform. Dorothy will inject a much-needed new perspective and bring together true Republicans from around the state to lead Idaho and strengthen its conservative values. Congratulations Dorothy Moon!!"

The recent positive political results for conservatives have the big government corporate owned establishment legislators and mainstream news sources are FREAKING OUT! It has been fun to watch their meltdowns and feels good to be on the right side of Idaho history.

There is still a lot of work to be done in order to clean up the corruption in Idaho. I encourage each of you to get involved in some way to help. It is the only way we will be able to return this state and country to its former greatness as a haven for the free and a protector of individual freedoms and traditional family values.

Don’t be discouraged, pray for the best, prepare for the worst, and stay faithful and have a wonderful summer!

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