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Are Republicans a threat to ‘Democracy’?

August 10, 2022

Publisher's note: I received a letter to the editor today prefaced with, "I don’t know if you take reader submissions or if there is a maximum word count? This one is 496. Either way, I appreciate you printing what you already have!"

After reading it, I responded, "I do take reader submission but this is misinformation with no objective proof of your assertions. It wasn't the 'Democratic socialists' who committed insurrection or tried and still try to subvert the constitution. I gladly publish differing opinions, but will not publish blatant misinformation based on simple assertions."

He wrote back;

"You are correct, the Democratic Socialists (Progressives) enabled the other insurrection - the summer long street riots of 2020 stoked by BLM (A self-avowed Marxist organization) - in an attempt to replace the Constitution citing its age and the ethnicity of its Founders.

"I can provide annotations to any of the facts I cited? Misinformation involves the intentional act of lying in order to mislead. I appreciate you disagree with me, but if you’ve found a lie I’ll be happy to correct it?"

Normally, I would not have responded, but in this era of lies and slogan-based misinformation so egregiously bereft of common sense, I determined I must publish the letter, with the prelude above and these caveats;
  • I'm not calling anyone a liar. I am calling out those indoctrinated by some of the most unfounded, insupportable and unmitigated lies to soil the minds of men since Adolph Hitler convinced the German people that he understood their pain and only he had the will and the way to restore their hope and dignity.
  • Donald J. Trump is almost as dangerous as Adolph, except ...
  • Hitler was able to stir his idiots sufficient to foment World War II. Trump was so inept he failed a simple insurrection.

What makes such dangerous silliness possible?

Misguided zealots who send letters to the editor and who assert "I can provide annotations to any of the facts I cited? Misinformation involves the intentional act of lying in order to mislead. I appreciate you disagree with me, but if you’ve found a lie I’ll be happy to correct it?"

No, sir. You can't.

Here, unredacted, is Dean Cannon's letter to the editor. ~ Mike Weland

Are Republicans a threat to ‘Democracy’?

Yes and no.

First, it depends on what you mean by ‘Democracy’. Second, it depends on what you mean by ‘Republican’.

For Democrats the word democracy is a euphemism for what they really mean: Democratic Socialism. The official name of communist North Korea is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Communist Laos goes by the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Marxist North Vietnam was known as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and so on and so forth. The real question is: are real Republicans, Conservatives or the MAGA movement a threat to Democratic Socialism? The answer to that is absolutely yes.

If Republicans despise Democracy they have done a terrible job of trying to dismantle it.

No serious destroyer of America’s exceptional form of it would appoint a person who was not 100% ideologically aligned with his or her radical goals. However, Trump appointed the very man who recently authorized the raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago, Christopher Wray. During his tenure in office Trump appointed, or kept, seemingly moderate officials like Bill Barr, Debbie Birx, General Milley, Anthony Fauci and others. Many of these people have since sought cover in the bureaucracy or with the Democratic Socialists themselves. In summer 2020 President Trump stood down his authority to let the states handle a Marxist-inspired street insurgency which caused at least $8 billion dollars worth of damage to America’s middle class. This acquiescence may have cost him with his ‘radical’ base which expected him to restore law and order. When anti-socialist Americans (duped by saboteurs) thought they also had a right to publicly redress their grievances they assembled at the steps of our nation’s Capitol on January 6th. The true story of what happened next will be the subject of many yet-to-be-written history books. The immediate results were that DC Republicans chose to denounce their own protesters’ actions. So, it’s clear that mainstream Republicans not only aren’t a threat to Democracy, they are not much of a threat to Democratic Socialism. They also have yet to seriously defend the Constitutional Republic.

But that is all starting to change.

Tired of inaction in the face of rising Democratic Socialism, Trumped-backed primary winners have out-won their establishment opponents by 175 - 14 (by 8/8/22). These results are stunning. The Republican Party is remaking itself into a party of the people, not the establishment, in real-time. The Democratic Socialists see this too, and promptly raided a former President's home— an unprecedented act in our 250 year history. They did what all Democratic Socialists do when they are close to attaining or losing complete power; they lash out by using the powers of the state to arrest and harass their enemies.

The answer is very clear. Democrats are actually a threat to America’s unique form of Democracy while Conservative Republicans are a threat to Democratic Socialism. This distinction will be important in the years ahead.

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Mike Weland, Publisher

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