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We are strong and we hold fast to hope

August 22, 2022

I love you. Library, I love you. BCSD#101, I love you. My first grade teacher’s hands, wrapped around my own hand, wrapped around a pencil, writing my own name for the first time at Naples School in first grade. Grandma, I love you. All my teachers, all the way through Bonners Ferry High School; I love you.

Church, where I was baptized, where we baptized my son; I love you. Moravia Cemetery, you hold the graves of so many we’ve loved; line of grandparents who bore me: George and Jean; Donella and Charles; Edna; Myrtle and Dan; Ike and Maggie; Ella and Henry. You, where my son and I kneel to plant and trim and attend generations before us, all here. I love you.

Landscape, magnificent and beautiful, ours to behold; I love you. Neighbors, who respect and treat each other with courage, courtesy and care, not fear; I love you!

Kootenai People, whose home this has been and is, I offer my heart’s regret for hurt we’ve caused and gratitude for all you’ve taught; I love you. Mountains, waters, garden, earth where I go barefoot; I love you! I have longed for you when away. And when away, I have introduced myself as a daughter of Bonners Ferry.
Here, I was born. I swam in your lakes. You are my home.

Our hearts ache: yes, it is a strange and difficult time. Do not despair. We are strong and we hold fast to hope. We will keep you, always.
Christi Kramer
Boundary County, Idaho

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