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We have a choice, write in Steve Johnson for Senate

August 28, 2022

This November we have many important choices to make. Do we want forward-looking representation that deals with reality? Or do we choose representatives who are trying to hold on to an imaginary past? We have candidates who want to control the content of our libraries and what teachers can talk about in the classroom.

Why you ask? Simple, they are afraid of people seeing truths that they have denied for decades.

The GOP candidate for state senator wants to abolish public education so he, and people like him, can control what our children learn. This candidate used disinformation, misinformation and outright lies to secure his primary win.

We have a chance to stop this person. That chance is Steve Johnson, an Independent write-in candidate. Steve is a lifelong Idaho resident, a retired educator, a farmer and businessman.

I’m proud to say that Steve is a friend of mine. I worked with Steve on building our wonderful libraries – Sandpoint and Clark Fork. Steve understands that we need great schools and libraries if our children are to succeed and prosper in tomorrow’s world.

For a brighter future for all Idahoans we must support Steve Johnson, Independent write-in candidate for Idaho Senate.
Gil Beyer

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