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‘Building a New Society’ requires, well, building

August 31, 2022

Many new residents to our community speak ambitiously about “building a new society” or “creating a new community.” However, accomplishing these bold ideas requires far more than flamboyant bumper stickers, angry protests or threatening Facebook posts. Yelling “NO” is easy, but what are you for?

Where is the Redoubt food bank, the militia kids fishing derby, the Christian fundamentalist trash pick up? You say this is your promised land, but how are you investing in it?

I’m sure some will try to brush this off with political arguments, but those don’t hold water. This area has voted consistently conservative for the last 50 years. We have been driving trucks and shooting guns long before you got here … but we also go to football games, community concerts, spaghetti feeds and pancake breakfasts. Pools, schools, parks and libraries were built by those who gave to their neighbors and paid into their community.

The classic political answer to “Big Government” has been volunteerism and private charity, but I don’t see evidence of these either from the new ideologies.

If this beautiful valley is your answer to the evils of "Somewhere Else," then care for it and invest in it. You are here crafting your little Mecca on the back of our roads, trails and grocery stores, but are you paying in?

Remember, those who take resources from a host without contributing back are called parasites. In fact, that kind of sounds like a bumper sticker.
Alex Awbrey

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You hit the nail square on the head, Alex. I hadn’t thought of it that way before but you are correct. When you go to community events, to vote, to school events, etc, it is our long term residents who are manning tables, supporting groups and donating their time and money. I rarely, if ever, see a new face ... probably because the new people are all too busy protesting something or being keyboard warriors to volunteer their time.
Michelle Muir
Bonners Ferry
Mike Weland, Publisher

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