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The hypocrisy of Donna Capurso

Donna Capurso, the woman trying to pocket your property taxes, is a Redoubt extremist. She writes articles in the online Redoubt News, identifying herself as a “patriot journalist.” She encourages her fellow extremists to “find your way to the American Redoubt,” meaning north Idaho.

As a realtor, Capurso wants to “share our way of life in north Idaho by helping others find their piece of Paradise.” Her business website raves about “lush & dense forests, fertile valleys, lakes & rivers.”

Redoubt News is sympathetic to the January 6 insurrectionists and is critical of any investigation into their treasonous acts. The violent thugs who attacked the Capitol that day said they wanted to hang Vice President Mike Pence because he refused to violate the Constitution.

Three days later, Capurso wrote that their “betrayal will not be forgotten.” She didn’t mean the murderous insurrectionists. She meant “the majority of our U.S. senators and Congress members” and also Pence, who she called “a traitor.” In other words, the people the mob was hunting in the halls of Congress.

Capurso is one of the Library Board recall organizers (along with Fay Almond, Tiffany Nichols, and the infamous Adrienne Norris). The Recall Four falsely accuse the Boundary County Library Trustees of voting to bring “potentially sexualized, pornographic, pervasive and deviant material into our library.”

“I’m a Christian,” Capurso told reporter, “and I’m going to do what I can to protect kids.” But her claim that the library is “planning” to adopt “pornographic editions” is another falsehood.

Capurso has great contempt for public school teachers. In the Redoubt News, she falsely imagines that reading, writing, and math “are not considered relevant” and “kids are brainwashed that they must ‘save the environment.’” She seems to think public schools, which she calls “public indoctrination centers,” are the ruin of society:

"With few exceptions, our schools have become centers for indoctrination for socialism, moral decay, revisionist history, dumbing down, a platform for transgenderism starting with five year olds, and that sex and abortions are just fine and the schools will help keep those 'secrets' from the parents."

She advises her fellow extremists to “take your children out of the debilitating, demoralizing, insane public school system!”

Capurso also has contempt for “the younger generations” who, she writes, “are attached to their cell phones, computers, Facebook as well as other social indoctrinations.” She complains that “kids that work at McDonald’s cannot make change, texting by using code and abbreviated words are the only means of communication, and cursive writing is not even taught anymore.”

In Capurso’s unhappy imagination, young people lack “self-motivation, self-sufficiency, or respect for others much less for themselves.” She makes an exception for “home-schoolers as they can carry on intelligent conversations, know our country’s history, are polite and respectful to the adults they are talking to...what a blessing.”

No surprise, then, that Capurso campaigns against school bonds. She calls them “dirty tricks.” Funding the new high school, she said, was “a farce.” A new elementary school, in her opinion, is just too expensive. Property taxes will be too high. People will lose their homes.

This sign, spotted during the recent bond election, seems to capture Capurso’s attitude.

Did you catch the hypocrisy?

Capurso claims she is protecting kids, but really she exhibits contempt for them and doesn’t want new, safer, healthier school buildings.

Capurso condemns young people for their social media (and lack of cursive writing), yet she has a business website and posts articles in an online journal. She also maintains a Facebook page and moderates a Facebook discussion group.

Capurso calls herself a patriot but appears sympathetic to anti-American insurrectionists.

Capurso seems to love the natural beauty of north Idaho, yet she derides young students and their teachers who, faced with a frightening future of rising temperatures, droughts, species decline, and wildfires, might want to “save the environment” for their own generations.

Capurso claims to be worried about local homeowners having to pay higher property taxes, yet she encourages the in-migration that drives up property values.

And now comes the biggest hypocrisy yet. The Recall Four have announced that they are suing the Boundary County Library. They want the library to pay them $5 million. Win or lose, county taxpayers will have to foot an enormous legal bill.

Turns out, Capurso isn’t truly concerned about the burden on county taxpayers. She just wants their taxes going to her and her friends, not to public education.

It gets worse. Capurso claims to be a great defender of freedom, including freedom of speech. “We do have a right to have our voices heard,” says a complaint signed by Norris. Yet they are upset that someone else exercised free speech. They are suing, they say, because someone called them “militant Christian fundamentalists.”

"The Petitioners and Circulators have been seriously stigmatized in their small communities and are now considered 'militant Christian fundamentalists' due to Libraries coordinated smear campaign against them.”

One definition of militant is “aggressive in support of a political or social cause.”

Got that? The Recall Four made up lies about the library, and now they are suing because someone told the truth about them.

NOTE: I have never met Donna Capurso and have nothing against her personally. No doubt, she has many fine qualities—loving mother, wife, and dog owner. This essay is a critique of her writings. Maybe she doesn’t believe them anymore. Maybe she never did. They’re just standard extremist propaganda, after all, not her original ideas. But she published them, so I take them seriously.
Timothy Braatz
Bonners Ferry

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