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Herndon seeks to impose personal beliefs on constituents

September 18, 2022

A few years ago, we (including a child) drove out of the parking lot of Shakespeare-in-the-Park only to come face to face with large and graphic posters of aborted fetuses. The distress of that imposition still lingers in me, which I understand was the intent. Being the creator and host of the website AbolishAbortionID.com, Scott Herndon was instrumental in writing the current anti-abortion law. He calls all abortion murder and intends to outlaw all abortion from fertilization on, including some forms of contraception, without any exceptions.

As a naturopathic physician and mother, I am passionate for life. Familiar with Herndon’s community, I know of the strict patriarchal hierarchy based on fundamentalist Christian values, that rules girls and women’s lives. The fervor to push these extreme views on all women is clearly restricting women’s freedom for self-determination, and has no place in somebody seeking election.

Having talked extensively with Steve Johnson, I was reassured that he has no intention of imposing personal views onto all constituents. I appreciate his genuine listening skills and willingness to negotiate and compromise in legislature to address divergent views on issues of public interest, such as property taxes, education, and rural lifestyle preservation, rather than ideological viewpoints. He is adamant about making sure women’s lives are safe as well.

I honor different, even extreme opinions, but cannot condone their imposition by elected officials on all constituents. I will vote for Johnson as a write in candidate.
Gabrielle Duebendorfer, NMD

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