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There is a choice for county commissioner

September 19, 2022

Why did Steve Fioravanti move here? Why does he think our “status quo” commissioners need his ideas of anti-government? Our history of county commissioners managing our county government has served us well in meeting the needs of our diverse community and resolving issues as they arise. And, yes, that means working with our state and federal governments. The funds of those state and federal levels governments are ours, too.

Idaho alone cannot fund all the needs of its citizens, and we are, after all, a state of the United States.

Fioravanti tosses the word “socialism” around and says federal government is socialism. Does he believe that Pennsylvania, Idaho and other states alone could bear the costs of natural disasters? We locally do not have enough funds and resources to fight the fires burning now.

Does he drive on our interstate highways under safe regulations that are nationwide? Does he hike the federal forest trails or ride snowmobiles in forests? Those forests that he wants to privatize, resulting in accessibility to only those rich enough to own them. Does he support our hospital that locally alone we could not fund? Did he attend any public schools that are critical for educating people in a democratic republic? Does he not want safe drinking water and food supply? Will he refuse Social Security and Medicare? Did he return the ARPA funds he received?

These are some of the responsibilities of a federal government in a democratic republic.

We in Boundary County were doing just fine before he and many of his following came with their “creative ideas.” He does not deserve any support for commissioner. There is an alternative and that is to write in Tim Bertling for Boundary County Commissioner.
Elsie Hollenbeck
Bonners Ferry

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