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Heather to lead charge to save Idaho kids from 'woke' mob

September 19, 2022

By Idaho Representative Heather Scott

We’ve come a long way from “what you do in your bedroom is private” to publicly funding child drag shows and porn literacy training for elementary schools. But here we are. They want to indoctrinate your kids and take away your control as parent. In Idaho of all places! Thankfully, there is something you can do about it.

Step 1: Stop funding these institutions backing the indoctrination of children

After numerous sponsors pulled their support of this year’s controversial “Boise Pride” event, corporations are starting to realize that the majority of Idahoans are not the “woke” mob they thought. Zion Bank and Idaho Power quickly grasped that Idaho citizens will react accordingly and take their business elsewhere. Others, such as The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI), are digging their heels in, making excuses, and trying to divert the attention in order to protect large woke corporations.

Even worse, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is using hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars to fund and sponsor woke organizations that push this degeneracy. All while taxpayer funded regional Idaho “public health” districts, like the Idaho North Central District #2, were recently caught scrubbing their website of links to a sex education “program” that pushes the Planned Parenthood agenda and highlights how “Transgender Men Can Get Pregnant, Too”. These are the same taxpayer funded districts that were front and center during the Covid lockdowns, pushing masking and vaccines for the CDC and drug companies.

Who actually wants this smut pushed on our children? Continue to voice your concerns to these large organizations and government officials and let them know enough is enough!

Step 2: Reclaim the narrative

We all need to push back on social media. I know, they cancel conservatives, but this is the current battlefield, and in Idaho, that is where the left is pushing hard to try to win. That’s why I’m announcing my return to Twitter — together, we will confront the mob directly, who up until now, has had seemingly free reign. I will also continue to expose the corruption that infiltrates Idaho politics and individual politicians. Please help me by signing up for Twitter and following me.

Step 3: We need to push back

We call them big media and big corporations for a reason. These companies are collaborating with spineless Republicans and Democrats, along with the NGO industrial complex, with an endless stream of funding. Many bureaucrats will continue to do their bidding in order to sustain themselves.

As conservatives, we are smart with our money, and it can pack a punch. I believe this fight for our children is worth it. Over the next legislative session, my primary focus will be to protect our children from predatory institutions and politicians who are seeking to rip away their innocence and corrupt their minds. I am going to need your help to fund this cause. Please donate whatever you can. We are gearing up for a big fight here in Idaho.

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