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Nice concept, but explain how

September 20, 2022

County Commissioner candidate Steve Fioravanti stated “We need address the fact that more than 60% of our state lands are controlled by the Feds ... we could better manage our own resources locally, raise significant revenue ...” He does not say how he is going to accomplish this. Is this a proposal to take over federal lands? Would that action open these lands to future private ownership?

This idea has been discussed throughout the western states for years. How is Mr. Fioravanti, as a county commissioner, going see this done?

Is this a proposal to manage federal lands with state or county resources? Would these lands still be under federal laws regarding their management, thus under the same restrictions that our local Forest Service managers must adhere to? Who would pay for the road construction, timber sale layout and contract administration that needs to be completed before any timber money is paid out?

If under state management, would the money go to Boise before any payout to the county? Does the state or county have the people, equipment and/or money to manage the National Forest lands?

Our National Forests across the country need to be better managed. They’ve been locked in a battle between politicians, environmental groups and scientists. Congress has enacted laws that tie the hands of resource managers. Mr. Fioravanti is implying that he will lower our property taxes by harvesting our public resources. That sounds wonderful.

How does he get it done?
Karen Pinkerton
Bonners Ferry

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