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If not putting out fires, contract firefighters need to go home

September 27, 2022

First off, I need to tell you that Russell mountain is right behind where we live. We have had a front row seat when it has come to this fire. Please stop regurgitating all the talking points that the government entities want to be put out there. Why don't you do some investigative reporting instead?  Find out how much these contract fire men are making for doing little to nothing. The first few weeks we saw a lot of action from the firefighters. Now we see very little action. And don't tell me it's because they are actively putting the fires out.

This whole thing has more to do with keeping the business of firefighting profitable for its contractors than it does about the actual extinguishing of the fire.

You want proof? During the first two weeks of the fire there were contract firemen stationed at everybody's place. Now, they are nowhere to be found, except there is one who spends the night down a road that goes into the valley. When I wake up when it's still dark out I can barely see his parking lights. The mountains are not visible because of the fog and I wonder what exactly he is there for.

I resent his presence because there are cigarette butts and beer caps that have been left on the road. Oh, and I should know. This is happening at the end of my road.

The contract firefighters are more concerned about being given their handsome paycheck than they are about actually putting the fire out. Everyday we have to live with the smothering smoke from these fires and the neighborhood resents the fact that they are doing nothing to stop the fires and we are beginning to resent even their presence.

If they aren't going to put the fires out then they need to go back home so that they can earn their paycheck like the rest of us have to do!

I hope they enjoy their new boat that they are going to be able to buy at the end of all this!! It will be at our expense.
Brian Entz
Bonners Ferry

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