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Fulcher does not deserve my vote

September 28, 2022

I have written to and called Congressman Russ Fulcher many times during his time in Congress. His replies have shown me that he is not, as his ad claims, a "conservative voice in Congress." Conservative is an ideology that strives for fiscal responsibility; instead of voting responsibly, he voted to give the ultra-rich tax breaks that punished our economy and citizens like me.

Fulcher looks at everything from a closed-minded, far-right stance, no matter how badly reforms are needed to support working Americans.

His replies to my concerns about voting rights, holding rich corporations responsible when they pollute and buying his votes or lack thereof, tell me he is on the radical right. What he does speaks louder than his rhetoric.

He also does not deserve my vote because his "surveys" are written in a way to make it look like support for his opinions, not those of his constituents.

Puts me in mind of the sham vote Putin just held in the vulnerable regions of Ukraine.

Clarice McKenney
Bonners Ferry

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