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Drumroll, please

September 30, 2022

Bob Vickaryous writes that we should follow "Idaho state law" and “start having free and open and fair elections" for the library board. Allow me to refresh his memory. According to Idaho Code, Library district trustee terms are for six years. If a trustee was elected in 2015 their term ended in 2021. The term of a trustee elected in 2017 will end in 2023 and the term of a trustee elected in 2019 will end in 2025.

If a trustee leaves the board, the board declares a vacancy. The board interviews candidates and fills the position. The person appointed serves until the next election of public library district trustees following the appointment.

According to Idaho Code if only one person is running, there is no election. If there is a vacancy, the board interviews applicants and fills the position. This was the case in 2021 as the legal notices posted in the Bonners Ferry Herald state: “March 11,2021 - NOTICE OF CANDIDATE FILING DEADLINE For Boundary County, Idaho NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with Idaho Code 34-1405, that the election to be held in and for Boundary County, Idaho on May 18, 2021, will be for the following: Library Trustee Zone 1 Library Trustee Zone 2”

Board member Judith Mace passed away in October 2021 and in December 2021 Lee Colson was selected to fill her position. His board position is up for election in 2023.

I checked on the last decade of library board elections. In 2015 Wendy McClintock beat challengers Diddock and Tanner, and Ken Blockhan, Jr. defeated ... drumroll, please ... Robert Vickaryous.
Mary Ollie
Bonners Ferry

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I'm not sure where she got her info, but I have never run for library trustee.
Robert Vickaryous
Bonners Ferry
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