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The differences between the two candidates for Idaho Senate District 1

October 1, 2022

On property taxes, Steve Johnson recognizes the problems caused by recent huge increases in property values and wants to help us by increasing the Homeowners exemption. Scott Herndon doesn’t care.

On preserving out rural lifestyle, Steve Johnson wants to preserve access to our public lands and encourage growth that preserves open space. Scott Herndon wants to sell off our public lands to the highest bidder. The Idaho Legislature has no authority to do this, and it would be the first step toward Idahoans losing access to our public lands for hunting, fishing, camping and everything else we do there.

On guns, Steve Johnson believes in the common-sense gun ownership he has enjoyed his entire life. Scott Herndon filed and lost a lawsuit against the city of Sandpoint over allowing guns at the Sandpoint Festival. Bonner county taxpayers ended up on the hook for the legal costs on both sides.

On abortion, Steve Johnson believes that the government has no business involving itself in a person’s private medical decisions. Scott Herndon believes that there should be no legal abortions for ant reason, which is increased government control.

On infrastructure, Steve Johnson believes that "budget surplus" monies should be used to fix our roads. Scott Herndon doesn’t care.

Steve Johnson believes in democracy which separates church and state. Scott Herndon wants to create a theocracy.

Write in Steve for Democracy!
Ken Thacker

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