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Let's keep what makes county special, write in Tim Bertling

October 5, 2022

By Dr. Marty Becker

Life up here at the end of the Idaho Panhandle has been near-perfect for many generations. Longtime families have logged the forests, worked the soil, been of service to the community, enjoyed friendly/helpful neighbors and utilized our natural resources. Through working hands and helping hands, they built this great community we call home. I’m talking people like Tim Bertling, an amazing man who is running as a write-in candidate for County Commissioner in Boundary County. Tim has my vote.

When you’re near perfect, one of the last things you want or welcome is people who arrived yesterday telling you they’re going to fix all of the non-existent problems we have. The old-time term for candidates like that is “carpetbaggers,” and that’s what I’d call Steve Fioravanti, Tim’s opponent in this election.

I’ve taken the time to look at each candidates’ platform and Tim is the easy choice. I’ve known Tim since we moved here 25 years ago and he’s thoughtful, open-minded, trustworthy, honest and hardworking; working with other elected officials and the community, he’s a true “team player.”

Steve, on the other hand, is so narrow-minded he could look through a keyhole with both eyes open. A person who wants to “tear down” more than “build up,” Steve’s what I’d classify as a “team slayer.” He literally told the Bonners Ferry Herald he plans on using the campaign to “research county issues.”

I’m a Becker, a fifth generation Idahoan who grew up in potato country in Southern Idaho. Upon graduating from veterinary school at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, I practiced veterinary medicine and farmed in Twin Falls County before moving to Boundary County in 1997 with my Bonners Ferry native wife, Teresa (Burkholder), and our two children. The Burkholders are also fifth generation Idaho residents.

I’ve been blessed to travel the world, and I can tell you that have never found a place so special as Boundary County. It’s almost as if God played favorites, or had his best day, when he created our special place that uniquely touches two states and a foreign country.

I was at the Farmer’s Market in Bonners Ferry in early September and engaged in conversation with a person in a tie-dye shirt who had moved to Boundary County from the Detroit area. He was very conservative and very articulate. We talked about the tribalism of politics, the partisan battles and the anger on the streets and he explained that a good chunk of America felt like they kept getting pushed. Finally, they pushed back hard! I think we’ve witnessed that and now I see the majority of people finally pushing back on those extremists who want to dramatically change the way of life we helped build and are proud of. We don’t need people to help “Make Boundary County Great Again.” We liked it just like it was before you came knocking.

It’s sad. Back in the day you could have a conversation with someone and think or even tell them, “I don’t like your idea.” Increasingly now, if people won’t agree with you, you think or say, “you’re a bad person.”

Let me close by talking about a person who personified what Boundary County was always like; my late brother-in-law Rockey Burkholder. Rockey never met anyone he didn’t like. Effervescent and joyous, with an endless supply of compliments, he crisscrossed the community delivering smiles and often Tootsie Pops. Rockey didn’t care what political party you belonged to, what religion you were, how many times you were married, if you’d been arrested or had been bankrupt. He blessed you with unconditional love.

Let’s vow to not allow the negative rot to take root in our community. Let’s celebrate, protect and nurture the folks who took what God gave us and made it special.

A major step this community can take in that direction is to write in Tim Bertling for county commissioner.

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Mike Weland, Publisher

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Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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