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Herndon's plans will hurt seniors

October 10, 2022

Many senior citizens are facing money challenges. Our property taxes have gone up and groceries are costing more. Having Meals on Wheels or having lunch at the Senior Center is a lifeline for many of us. If Scott Herndon is elected Senator, many seniors are going to suffer. You see, Herndon wants a consumption tax: a high tax on what we buy, and it affects those with a fixed income the most.

In addition, Herndon says we should reject all federal money – money that makes up 70-percent of the Idaho Commission on Aging (ICA).

Herndon’s write-in opponent, Steve Johnson, understands the difficult circumstances that many of us find ourselves in. Steve Johnson will fight for funding for the important programs administered by the ICA like Meals on Wheels.

Steve Johnson has a plan to reduce property taxes so we are not taxed out of our homes. Herndon’s consumption tax hits elderly Idahoans the hardest.

Please join me in casting your write-in vote for Steve Johnson because he cares about seniors. Request an absentee ballot at VoteIdaho.gov, vote early, or vote in person on November 8. Write in Steve Johnson and fill in the oval next to his name.
Lee Christensen

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