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Tim Bertling signs should be all over county

October 11, 2022

I am reminded of the comments made by a Boundary County Republican Committeeman approximately two weeks ago remarking about the “write in Tim Bertling signs all over the county.” This individual wrote that “most of the signs are placed on the properties of people who are members of the corrupt families … running this county for years.” My wife and I moved to Boundary County approximately 40 years ago when I began my career in the timber industry. Like all new-comers back in those times, we thought it best to keep our eyes open and our mouths closed and assimilate into the small, honest and hard-working town that was Bonners Ferry and Boundary County.

We quickly made friends and were welcomed into the community, which offered so much and asked for so little. To this day, we consider ourselves to be some of the luckiest people in the world to call Bonners Ferry and Boundary County home.

I was fortunate enough to meet Tim Bertling’s father through my job where we worked together for approximately 10 years. In later years I got to work with Tim; again in the timber industry. My wife and I also have been lucky enough to get to know Tim’s wife, Wendy, through her dog boarding and grooming business. We are proud to call them both good friends and they have our respect with their honesty, integrity and willingness to give back to the community.

I am on the board of Boundary County Parks and Recreation, as well as an alternate board member of KVRI. I have participated in various non-profit groups and committees over the years. As county commissioner, Tim has had a keen interest in Parks and Rec. and has been very involved in any actions which improve the lives and opportunities offered to Boundary County’s youth. He has also been pro-active in the management of our forests, as well as the many lakes and rivers that beautify and provide recreational opportunities in Boundary County.

So, yes; re-elect Tim Bertling signs are present on numerous properties in and around Bonners Ferry and Boundary County. I should know, I put a lot of them up. However, not all the signs are installed on lands of people who have been “running this county for years.” There are signs present on land owned by individuals who have recently moved here and are impressed by the work Tim has completed in his first term as county commissioner and want to see more.

Lastly, the people who have signs on their property wanting you to write in Tim Bertling for county commissioner want you to do so because they know of Tim and his honesty, of his hard working ethic and involvement (both past and present) in the community and on behalf of the people of Boundary County. We urge you to get informed, get involved in your community and please vote on November 8 for Tim Bertling.
Tim Dougherty
Bonners Ferry

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