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Herndon lacks integrity

October 15, 2022

Integrity should be mandatory for a senatorial position in Idaho. Unfortunately, Scott Herndon does not have that trait. Steve Johnson easily fills the need for an honest person for senator. Scott is backed by extremists. Much of his campaign finances have come from many areas other than Idaho. His positions are narrow in scope, hoping to form a sovereign state, independent from all other states.

There was an excellent piece in the October 13 Inlander, "Homegrown Communism," tying Scott to many of the values of early Communism, eliminating birth control methods, terrorizing librarians, banning books they did not want in a library. These are the same values your fathers and brothers and some mothers fought for in previous wars.

Steve is an honest person who has a long history in Bonner County. He has been a logger and I also was a logger in California in the 1970s. We immediately had a bond! He has been a teacher which allowed him to interact with young people and learn their quirky ways. I have grown to respect Steve as a person who will be able to bring years of experience to the position of state senator.

When you vote, remember to write in Steve Johnson under Scott Herndon’s name, and do not forget to fill in the bubble completely.
Jim Corcoran

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