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The slow erosion of free choice

October 17, 2022

Word is circulating in Boundary County that “Steve Fioravanti is the people’s choice.” How could candidate for Boundary County Commissioner, Fioravanti, be the people’s choice when we no longer have free and open elections?

It used to be you could vote across the board, if you valued the candidate, you could use common sense and vote for the person of your choice. Idaho’s “New” Republican Party has changed this. You are required to affiliate with the party before you can vote in that party’s primary. This erodes free choice.

The “New” Republican party has taken that a step further. The party line was to let the people decide by vote in the primaries who their candidate picks would be for the general elections. After the people made their choice by vote, the Republican Central Committee would then endorse the candidate and help promote that candidate in their bid for the general election.

Now the Republican Central Committee in Bonner County, thanks in part to Scott Herndon and Heather Scott, have taken it upon themselves to choose the candidates before the people decide by vote in the primaries. They endorse those candidates that they deem worthy for endorsement. They then send out flyers and a barrage of mailers basically telling you who to vote for.

Erosion of free choice is also advanced by voter intimidation. The “New” Republicans show up in mass at the voting stations, with the thinly veiled pretense of educating the public on the “endorsed” candidates. They hand out post cards “suggesting” who you should vote for. All this decided by the Republican Central Committee in Bonner County.

With tactics like that, why would anybody support Steve Fioravanti or anyone else the “New” Republicans endorse?

If we want to bring back fairness and free choice, if we want to choose our own candidate, and if that happens to be by a write-in vote, then that’s what we will do. Exercise your right of free choice before that too is taken from you. Write-in Tim Bertling for county commissioner.

No, Steve Fioravanti is not the people’s choice, that choice was stolen (to coin a phrase).

By the way, did you know that Mark Sauter and Sage Dixon, who won the primaries by the people’s vote, have not been endorsed by the “New” Republican Central Committee? Where’s the endorsement for the people’s choice? Looks to me like the “New” Republican party has its own agenda, and it’s not the people’s choice.
Jody McClintock
Moyie Springs

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