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The Herndon hypocrisies

October 22, 2022

Scott Herndon says he stands for “limited government and respect for individual liberty.” He says he believes in “state sovereignty”—let Idaho govern itself. He calls himself a “conservative Christian.” Sounds good. Except Scott Herndon doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Herndon takes pride in using invasive government to curtail the liberty of innocent women. He wants to eliminate merciful exceptions to the abortion ban, even if a woman was impregnated by a rapist; even if, due to medical complications, the pregnant woman’s survival is at stake. A pregnant woman in a prison-or-death situation, Herndon says, should simply follow her natural “sacrificial behavior.”

Herndon insists that Idaho say no to federal money.

“We are facing massive inflation,” he wrote, “because the federal government created and gave away so much money in response to Covid-19.”

Yet Herndon personally applied for and received a $10,000 grant of federal Coronavirus Relief Funds!

As for “state sovereignty,” Herndon gathered thousands of dollars from outside of Idaho in order to hire an out-of-state company to mislead north Idaho voters with absurd and cruel lies about his Republican primary opponent, Jim Woodward. One ugly example will suffice: “Liberal Jim,” Herndon lied, voted “to spend money to groom our children on transsexuals.”

Since when did “conservative values” include libel, slander and meanness?

For the general election against write-in candidate Steve Johnson, Herndon has added a new tactic: playing the victim. He complains about being called names. He seems outraged that his opponents “literally have signs all over the county saying to 'defeat Scott Herndon.'”

He demands that they “act better.”

In a bulk text message, Herdon claimed his opponents “have no respect for property, life or the rule of law.”

Yet several foresters have confirmed that Herndon was once caught stealing valuable timber from private property in the Otts Basin. Indeed, incident reports from the Bonner County Sheriff’s Department reveal that Herndon has a long pattern of confrontational and hostile behavior toward family members, neighbors, and law officers.

So, who spray-painted swastikas on Herndon’s campaign signs?

Without any evidence, he immediately blamed “the radical far left,” which doesn’t exist in North Idaho, and Democrats, who are unlikely to display Nazi hate symbolism. Judging by social media comments, many local residents suspect that Herndon, playing the victim, defaced the signs himself.
Timothy Braatz
Bonners Ferry

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