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Idaho isn't a warped fantasyland

October 24, 2022

Some people believe North Idaho is a place where they can “choose their own adventure” and then force the rest of us to live in the warped delusion they’ve created. Idaho isn’t a fantasyland where someone can undermine the culture and people’s lives to fit their distorted vision of the world. Unfortunately, one of the people who believes he can twist North Idaho into his own fantasyland is running for office.

That person is Scott Herndon. His views on public lands (sell them to the highest bidder), women’s reproductive rights (shut them down), and how to run a campaign (tell as many lies as possible) fly in the face of North Idaho sensibility and common sense.

Those of us who honor our heritage, our bountiful public lands, our freedom from government interference in our private lives and our sacred duty to tell the truth know we cannot vote for Herndon.

We have a choice. We can write-in Steve Johnson. He is everything his opponent is not. Johnson will preserve public lands, protect our privacy rights and tell the truth. Steve Johnson knows that Idaho is a real place, not a fantasyland. He has my vote. He deserves yours.
Patricia Ericsson

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