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No radical or extreme representation in Boundary County

October 22, 2022

Two comments I have read about Tim Bertling’s write-in campaign for County Commissioner District 2 prompted me to write this letter.

1. “Where has the money come from for all the campaign signs for Tim around the county?” Donations for Tim’s campaign are from a cross-section of local residents who support Tim’s honest, thoughtful and practical approach to the county’s needs. Unlike his opponent Fioravanti, Tim has received no PAC or outside money. According to the Idaho Secretary of State reports of fall 2021 campaigns the Hometown Idaho PAC donated $17,586.90 to Fioravanti’s primary campaign and over one third of that amount was donated by his own family members! ($6700.28) Other donors included the treasurer for Steve Fioravanti’s campaign ($150) and the extremist group IFF members.

2. The absurd and disparaging misinformation about Tim’s campaign signs being on “property of people who are members of corrupt families that have been running the county for years.” What an incredibly ridiculous statement! I know many of the people who support Tim and they are not corrupt nor have they been running the county. My husband was a local resident since age two, a sawyer for eight years and he drove his own logging truck over 30 years. I moved here in 1978 and was a registered nurse at Boundary Community Hospital for over 30 years. Does that sound like corrupt people who ran the county?

There’s a campaign sign in my yard and a variety of residents who do not want radical, extreme representation in Boundary County. Please cast your vote!
Janis Kerby
Moyie Springs

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