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Keep taxes down and services available, write in Bertling

October 26, 2022

November 8, 2022, is a crossroads day for Boundary County. Do we continue with pragmatic, reliable, knowledgeable leadership or do we proceed down the slippery slope of rigidly dogmatic, myopic idealism? For me, the answer is easy. Incumbent Tim Bertling exhibits all the traits that make this county, and this country, great. His opponent, Steve Fioravanti, is president of the local John Birch Society, a paranoid group of conspiratorialists. He who wants to use the county commission to wage his own ideological war.

The first battle would be to combat federal overreach by refusing federal funds. He and his minions claim there are "strings attached" that are untenable to the residents of Boundary County.

I say "poppycock."

Think your taxes are high now? Wait until we are solely responsible for all the services the county provides. Do you want your roads plowed, an ambulance available, a doctor on call? Or do you want to follow this ideological lunacy?

The federal government and the State of Idaho own nearly 75-percent of the property in Boundary County. This is all non-taxable property as far as the county is concerned. Yet everyone here pays federal and state taxes year in and year out. So when funds are returned to local taxpayers, it is no handout. It is our money. Therefore, I see no reason to return it.

Keep your taxes down and your sheriff available. Write in Tim Bertling for Boundary County Commissioner, District 2, and fill in the oval on the ballot!
David K. Anderson
Bonners Ferry

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