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Let’s not lose Tim Bertling

October 26, 2022

Everyone who travels the roads of Boundary County must be aware that Tim Bertling is running as a write-in candidate for County Commissioner, District 2. It would be difficult to miss the signs. Tim has been an exceptional public servant during his first term as Commissioner. The majority of Boundary County voters favor Tim over Steve Fioravanti. Tim lost in the primary election by a narrow margin due to voter apathy.

Far too many of his supporters failed to vote. Possibly they believed that he would easily win so it was not important to vote for him.

Steve Fioravanti is the President of the local chapter of the John Birch Society. To put such a radical individual in charge of governing our county would be a disaster. He has nothing positive to offer Boundary County.

If sensible Republicans, Democrats, and independents step up and vote in the November election, we will be able to retain Tim as our commissioner.
You need to spell his name correctly and fill in the oval to the left of his name. You must place Tim’s name in the spot for County Commissioner, District 2. It will be beneath Steve Fioravanti’s and John White’s names.

Please write in Tim Bertling’s name for County Commissioner, District 2 on your November ballot. Help save Boundary County.
Jim Cadnum
Boundary County

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