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Vote for Fioravanti

October 28, 2022

Steve Fioravanti is a practicing Christian and has been for all of his adult life. In addition, Steve teaches classes on the U.S. Constitution, proving he has a love and firm grip on our founding documents and the limits so beautifully placed within it. I believe that is why he objected to the Boundary County Commissioners being still behind the plexiglass back in July of this year. It was showing a mindset to be so willing to follow whatever the political higher ups want to push.

Even the New York Times admitted back in August of 2021 that Plexiglas proved to be useless or even worse.

The Committee to Elect Tim Bertling sent out a flier titled "The Big Difference" comparing himself to Steve Fioravanti. In it, Bertling attacks Steve because Steve opposes the UN Agenda 2030 and supports the American Redoubt movement. Bertling accuses them of wanting to secede from the U.S. Not true.

I could not find that anywhere in their literature and in fact Wikipedia states the movement is for political and cultural reasons for conservatives to find a place of like minded people. By making this attack on Steve and his opposition to Agenda 2030, Tim shows he is in support of Agenda 2030 and its intentions to dissolve national sovereignty of every nation including the United States and concentrate all power worldwide into hands of a few. One world government. This is a big difference!

Classic tactic of the leftist is to accuse your opposition of the very thing you are doing.

Bertling also tries to make this a locals vs Californians. The vast majority of the ones that I have met could probably be termed refuges. They fled places like Commiefornia for this much better place and do not want to see this county going down that path but to seek to preserve our freedoms. They see further capitulation of our rights as a threat to those freedoms.

Vote for Heather Scott endorsed Steve Fioravanti for county commissioner
Patrick M. Murphy
Boundary County

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