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Fioravanti will bring needed change

October 28, 2022

About a week ago the Independent candidate Tim Bertling sent out a mail flyer about the differences between himself and our elected Republican candidate Steve Fioravanti. I find it interesting that Tim thinks that Steve supporting the Library Board Recall is a bad thing. Does Tim not realize we have so much community support? Does Tim not want to protect children from getting access to sexually explicit materials?

So since Tim decided to bring the Library Board Recall efforts into the election debate I will go ahead and tell you my thoughts.

Steve Fioravanti is the change we need in Boundary County. We need a new perspective in Boundary County. Steve listens to others and is open to taking new ideas under consideration. He is resourceful and shows initiative, especially when it comes to streamlining government, so as to meet the needs of Boundary County residents. He wants to make it easier for all citizens to participate in local

He is business savvy and realistic. He wants to lessen Boundary County’s dependence on government grants, but he will not leave the most vulnerable people in our county, such as the elderly, defenseless.

He understands that the less dependent we are on grants, the more leverage we have when dealing with others regarding our issues.

We know that inflation is bad and money is tight. If you’d like to donate to Steve’s campaign, instead of money you can do so simply by forwarding this on to others!

Adrienne Norris
Boundary County

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