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Consider us the Sensible Party

October 28, 2022

If you have lived here long enough to remember the 70s and 80s when those darned Californians started moving in and tried to shut down our way of life in the timber and farming communities, then you have a good grasp of what is going on now, people moving in and trying to change the way of life in Boundary County. They are moving here largely due to the American Redoubt, a movement started by James Rawles in 2011 to areas of low population with aspirations of taking over the ruling sanctions of those areas, i.e., local and state offices that will enable them to control what goes on in those areas and how it is run.

Our own library, which has won national recognition, is one of those institutions in which they are deeming as unsafe and needs changed. They are doing this by name calling and slanderous lies about what is going on there and recalling the board, just as they are recalling the county clerk. Shut down our public school because we "can't afford" the increase in taxes (but wait, aren't they going to lower our taxes?), utilize their form of education. They use catch phrases and words to describe what is going on, same as our current regime inhabiting Washington DC does to make you think what is good is bad - and they do it under the guise of "Conservative Christians". This is the American Redoubt's definition, not mine.

So I guess being a "Conservative Christian" means you have to wear a gun on your hip or pack one at all times and vocally support the second amendment, put stickers on your vehicles and patches on your clothing to be one "of them". This may not be what Mr. Rawles intended, but it seems to be the prevailing sentiment. In my 61 years of living here owning guns and the rights of all people to do so has never been an issue. Before crime moved into here we used to "display" our hunting rifles in the back windows of our pickups. I personally took my new rifle into the highschool to show my math teacher and put it in my locker when I was done - no one cared and no one thought it was out of the norm.

So what 's the big deal? Why are these "Conservative Christians" making a big deal out of it? Because they couldn't do it where they came from. Now they are moving here, trying to change our way of life again, but not just with their "Christian" beliefs, but in every facet, and their main goal is to take control of all government offices from city to state because "they" know more than we do about our area. Yes, they know more about what makes this area run than the people who have families that have been here for generations, the very families who made this place what it is, the place everyone wants to move to - yet it needs changed?

I really didn't need to look up American Redoubt, but did anyway to see if I was on track. Do it yourself, don't take my word for it. This is exactly why we are voting for Tim Bertling, and will not support the likes of Steve Fioravanti, Scott Herndon, or anyone else connected to the American Redoubt Movement.

Idaho was always one of the most conservative states in the union, especially in the northern section. But now, this movement is so far outside the box they are calling the generations of conservative locals Liberals and deep staters! They resort to calling us ignorant, stupid, and uneducated. I personally resent this and will not have anyone slandering the good people of this community and not be called out for what they are.

This is serious stuff. They will say what you want to hear, they will make you think they are the saving grace of this "corrupt" place. Hogwash, they have an agenda and make no doubt about it.

Consider us members of the Sensible Party, since we certainly are not Liberals and not good enough to be Conservative in our own town. I have had it with the good people of this county being slandered and presumed to be stupid (yes, they have actually called locals this) and will not accept this behavior in our town. Beware of who you are supporting, wolves in sheep's clothing, false prophets, however you want to look at it, let your conscience and discernment (gut feeling) be your guide - God gave them to us for a reason.

Get out and vote on November 8. Do your homework! Open your eyes!
Tim West
Bonners Ferry

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