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Keep  the Idaho Taliban out of office

October 31, 2022

As a Boise resident, I regularly visit Boundary County to see family. I recently read Tim West’s editorial about his frustration with the American Redoubt and their current takeover attempt in Boundary County. The word is getting out! I refer to these “Christian Patriots” as the Idaho Taliban. The Taliban are mostly new arrivals to Idaho, usually from California, who are trying to take over the local and state governments so that they can instill their anti-government and extreme religious beliefs upon North Idaho citizens.

The Boise definition of a “Christian Patriot” is a con-artist who carries both a bible and a gun, though he or she has no knowledge how to use either. The local Taliban leadership, to include Scott Herndon and Heather Scott, are all professional con-artists and are proficient with manipulating people who have some degree of paranoia.

Herndon, with his classic smirk, would make a fortune as a televangelist, which is his true calling. There is no doubt that Herndon is closely aligned with Satan if you follow his slanderous words and his malicious actions.

Steve Fioravanti is one of the Taliban’s pawns. If he is elected as a county commissioner, he will raise property taxes as high as he possibly can. He wants the older, retired residents on fixed income taxed out of their property so that there is more available land for his California brethren to acquire when they immigrate here.

Ever wonder why many of the Taliban work as realtors and how so many mentally challenged immigrants find north Idaho?

Fioravanti does not want to use ARPA funds, which is your federal tax money, and this results in higher taxes. Unnecessary legal challenges, such as the library recall and pending court case, both supported by Fioravanti, waste your tax dollars and require the need for higher property taxes for the locals to bear -- this is Fioravanti’s devious plan.

The Taliban have no ability to govern -- they cause chaos and waste with their actions. The Taliban do not care about your jobs or your schools. They have nothing good to offer your community.

As Mr. West refers to the normal, rational people, “the Sensible Party,” he is right on. Keep the Taliban out! Vote for the people who support your community; Tim Bertling, Steve Johnson and Mark Sauter.
Albert Sullivan

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