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All sane voters should write in Steve Johnson

November 1, 2022

Are you a Republican who has begun to wonder what the Bonner County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) is doing to our party? I am a lifelong Republican with 28 years of military service, a man who has served multiple governors in various capacities, and a past precinct chair of this organization. I am appalled and disgusted with the current direction of the central committee.

It appears that with this group, good Republican values have been replaced by “anything goes to win.” Scott Herndon has led the charge, changing the rules and making a mockery of the election process. In the primary, Herndon conducted a scorched earth campaign of lies, distortion and name calling against Senator Jim Woodward.

These lies dishonored Jim’s reputation and confused voters. Herndon’s campaign was financed extensively by out of state money.

Bad behavior is Herndon’s side kick. Instead of resigning as chair of the central committee when he became a candidate, Herndon changed the rules, continued his control as chair and used that position to modify the rules to endorse himself and his choice of candidates before the primary election. Herndon’s justification? Republican voters can’t be trusted to elect their candidates. Only the central committee has the wisdom to determine “True Republicans.”

As a result, many reputable Republicans were MIA from BCRCC endorsements. Credibility is gone from our Central Committee. For the good of Legislative District 1, I am asking all sane Republicans, Democrats and Independents to join me and write in Steve Johnson for senate. He is a man of integrity who will provide sound leadership and workable solutions for our citizens.
Tony McDermott

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