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November 8 is when we defend our Republic

November 1, 2022

I remember the 50s, McCarthyism and my dad holding John Birch Society meetings in our home. We went to prayer meetings to ask for strength and guidance in fighting the Communist menace and impending domination by the United Nations. In all of this, I saw how fear and uncertainty drives people to absolutism and authoritarianism. And I saw how using the tools in our baloney detection kit keeps the focus on “liberty and justice for all.”

It seems history is repeating.

Absolutism is announced in blaring tones by "how to vote" mailers that exclude traditional Republicans based on litmus tests that have nothing at all to do with the duties and responsibilities of a particular office. County commissioners do not run the library or the school nor do they have a seat on the United Nations.

Fear is demonstrated by those who see "strings" everywhere because they are convinced federal monies are handcuffs. Fear is a potent weapon to control those who don’t dig deeper into the issues to learn how the various levels of government are related yet separate.

Many of those defending litmus tests and seeing strings everywhere seem unaware of history. Abraham Lincoln recognized that our national and economic security depends on rural areas. That's why we have land grant universities. It's why we continue today to have support for our postal service, our airports and broadband.

Strings? Don't let the conspiracy theorists fool you. This is the glue that makes us one Republic.

In these troubling times it is critical to know how fear and grievance politics are used to manipulate those who are afraid and uncertain. When you hear that government is the enemy, remember that we are the government. Arm yourself with the facts. Know their game plan.

Go to the courthouse through November 4 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to vote or to register and vote. Do not; I repeat, do not, sit on the bench. This election is too important to sit out.

The future of our Republic depends on engaged citizens who will do what it takes to "keep the republic."

Those talking the loudest about liberty, freedom and knowing the Constitution are distracting us from their real intent. What they want is a centralized government, a full-time legislature, and a state religion that will dictate our private lives. November 8 is when we defend our republic.
Mary Ollie
Bonners Ferry

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