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Bertling best choice for positive change

November 2, 2022

There seems to be some discussion and questions regarding Tim Bertling and his well-backed write-in campaign. Supporters have been called "cronies" and "good ol' boys." Tim has been called a RINO for switching parties. Locals have been told to leave if they don't like the change this new group is bringing. We should all thank Tim for continuing to campaign and fight to retain his seat amidst such a slanderous race.

I will never understand why folks choose a new place to live, obviously for good reasons, and promptly try to change it. Sadly, many people were blinded this spring by the glossy fliers and promises of "freedom" from Mr. Fiorvanti.

At a time when most were concerned about waning liberties, it likely sounded appealing.

Meanwhile, many locals took for granted that folks would be able to see through the empty promises of things that can't be changed at the county level. Since then, the lesson was learned as evidenced by the number of signs supporting Tim and who is displaying them; Republicans, Democrats, farmers, ranchers, loggers. He is supported by long time business owners from all industries.

At a time of great political division, folks are putting aside party lines to join together in support of Tim Bertling. When folks are new to town, locals are often asked for advice on who to call for help with plumbing or electrical, who can plow their snow, etc.. If you're new, you should also ask advice on who to vote for next week. There's some changes to be made at the county, but we all agree the best choice for positive change is Tim Bertling.

Please join my wife and me as we fill in the oval and write in Tim Bertling for Boundary County Commissioner, District 2.
Chad Kimball
Naples General Store

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