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JBS keeping conspiracy theories alive

November 13, 2022

So what is agenda 2030 and why did so many who support it write in Tim Bertling's name? Simply put, it is a plan to control everyone and everything on planet Earth in the name of saving the environment. There are 17 goals in all that taken together would replace liberty, self-government, free markets and nationhood with totalitarian technocratic rule at the global level.

The frontman for this communistic style scam is a man by the name of Klaus Schwab who heads the World Economic Forum. Schwab says "by the year 2030 you will own nothing and be happy." You will rent everything, from them of course, who will own it all.

I suspect there are many who will regret having put that big green Tim Bertling sign in their yard. Many did so because they were afraid of change not knowing that they were supporting more change than they ever dreamed imaginable. I suspect Tim Bertling will regret it also once he wises up as to who and what he is working for.

For more information Google Alex Newman Agenda 2030. Or you can come and listen to Tom DeWees, the chairman of the American policy Center and has been working to expose this fraud, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, for about 30 years, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, December 7, at the Providence Bible Presbyterian Church, 6530 Washington Street, Bonners Ferry, a program sponsored by the local John Birch Society.
Bob Vickaryous
Bonners Ferry

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