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Radical right looking the wrong way in laying blame

November 29, 2022

By Mike Weland

Despite what those of the righteous far right proclaim, the most egregious offenders of grooming and abuse aren't the marginalized so easily blamed, but the upright stalwarts we tend to hold in esteem; those we respect and tend to believe over the pleas of the abused.

The pious, the wealthy ... the powerful.

The ones we let walk away guilty yet unscathed and so steal not only the innocence of their victim(s), but the very foundations of the trust our society works so hard to instill in our children. A trust essential to a fair and honest society.

A trust betrayed every time we let the strong get away with victimizing the young or the weak.

Every time we look away from an accusation by the easily abused rather than demand an honest account from the allegedly upstanding accused, we rend the very fabric of the society to which we profess to aspire.

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