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Republicans must start winning again

December 8, 2022

By Tom Luna
Former chairman of the Idaho Republican Party

Donald Trump could be remembered as one of the most successful one term presidents in history. Historic tax cuts, unparalleled deregulation, three Supreme Court appointments, securing the boarder, a robust economy, making the US energy independent, the list goes on.

But Trump won’t be remembered that way. Instead, he will be remembered for his abrasive personality and character flaws. Sadly, he only has himself to blame.

I voted for Donald Trump, and as chairman of the Idaho Republican Party delivered Trump Idaho’s delegates on a silver platter when he ran for re-election.

However, Trump’s 2016 election was the high-water mark for Republicans, we have been losing ever since. Today there are fewer elected Republicans in national and state office then in 2016.

Rush Limbaugh warned Republicans 30 years ago that “if you want to govern, you must first win elections.”

The truth of that statement has never been clearer. November 8 was the first-time voters weighed in since Trump left office and all that has happened since. Their voice was loud and clear.

Days before the election Republican leaders boasted of a huge “red wave”, that would result in a five-seat advantage in the Senate and a minimum 25 seat advantage in the House. They were wrong, badly, we lost ground in the Senate and barely took the majority in the House, it was the worst midterm election for the party out of power in almost 100 years.

All of this lays at the feet of Donald Trump and his hand-picked, flawed, candidates. Trump was very effective at helping his candidates win primaries but failed miserably at getting them wins in November. Of Trump’s six Senate candidates running in battleground states, five lost, costing Republicans control of the Senate. His handpicked House candidates suffered similar fates. Today there are fewer Republicans in the House and Senate then in 2016.

The carnage didn’t end with the House and Senate. Losses at the state level are just as alarming.

When Trump took office Republican’s controlled 33 governorships and 32 state legislatures. Today there are only 24 Republican Governors and Republican control of state legislatures has seen the same decline.

Bottom line: Republicans are losing and have been since 2016.

Recently Mike Pompey tweeted “We were told we’d get tired of winning, but I’m tired of losing. And so are most Republicans.” I couldn’t agree more.

Regardless of your, or my, opinion of the events on Jan 6th, the imagine of the Capital being overrun and desecrated are seared into people’s memory and most connect Trump, at the least indirectly, with the attempt to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

Trump’s recent statement that Twitter’s attempt to influence the 2020 election was grounds for “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution" and we should throw out the 2020 election and declare him the “rightful winner” should be more than enough evidence that it’s time for Trump to step aside.

I was hoping Trump would not run again and let the gift of time temper people’s opinion of him and eventually he would be remembered for his accomplishments. Unfortunately, Trump’s narcissism won out and he announced his candidacy.

For the sake of America, the Republican Party must start winning again! The key: bring the Republican Party back to the Party of Lincoln and Reagan, nominate good candidates and embrace a legitimate conservative agenda focused on religious freedom, protecting the right to life, and promoting smaller government, less taxes and personal responsibility.

That’s how we start winning again and will lead to a real Republican “red wave” in 2024.

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