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It's way past time to stop trashing our public schools

December 9, 2022

Whether it's by underfunding schools, bad-mouthing teachers, lying about what they teach, bullying school board members or libeling administrators. You may have signed a petition by Reclaim Idaho to guarantee over $350 Million per year to all of the K-12 public schools in Idaho. That's because you know Idaho's at the bottom of the nation in per capita funding of schools per student.

After two years of hard work to get more than enough valid voter signatures to put on this November's ballot, we all felt confident that good public schools are what most of us want and it would get the necessary votes. Then, the governor and legislators signed a bill that would have invalidated the voter initiative anyway, and their bill promised a little more to schools than the special annual fund.

We knew at that moment that they could not be trusted to keep their promise to fund the schools with their bill, at least not beyond the first year. So we were preparing to hold their feet to the fire.

Now they're resurrecting a scheme that many citizens complained about in the last legislative session, so it failed to pass.

The current attempt to siphon off precious funds from our schools to fund private and home school educations is just as unconscionable.

New Hampshire residents, especially of rural communities like ours, are suffering greatly from their state's legislation that enacted their voucher program. They've also learned the hard way that even the students getting vouchers are not getting a good education using them.

Not in Idaho!

Public tax funds must not fund religious and other schools or home school programs.

Please join me in signing the petition from Reclaim Idaho to stop this latest far right attempt to trash our schools.
Clarice McKenney
Bonners Ferry

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