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Don't hold kids hostage, vote yes on M&O

February 15, 2023

I remember the first time I walked into the old high school some 25 years ago. I thought I was walking into a school in the early 70s  like my old grade school. Yes, I am 62, but my point is, it was 1998 and the school was like it was 1973. But, this was a high-school in the year cell phones with cameras and laptops were beginning to dominate modern culture. I thought to myself, how can this be?

It is now 2023 and, as I stated, I am 62 years old. My wife and I were not fortunate enough to have children to raise in this wonderful town that we have called home for 40 years. We have been fortunate enough to watch as children have grown and now they have children of their own and are fine examples of how their parents, teachers and this community come together to provide a safe and nurturing environment to live and grow.

That is why I don’t understand the hesitancy of some people in this same community to pass the M & O levy for Boundary County School District 101. The levy’s purpose is to continue the level of services and opportunities the children currently have and deserve. It is replacing the levy which is expiring at this current funding cycle. It is not a new tax or burden.

The monies derived from this levy pay for the services, opportunities and salaries for personnel which are not funded from Idaho’s general fund. If you have a problem with how this state funds schools or generates tax revenues, you should call your state elected officials. You should not hold the children of Boundary County and their educational, extra curricular and emotional opportunities hostage.

I ask those of you who feel this is an improper burden of taxes on yourselves to remember what opportunities you had growing up that were funded by the communities you grew up in. Also, get on the school district website and educate yourselves on what the tax levy truly offers the students in the school district. Lastly, if need be, contact your state legislators and ask them how do we keep up and offer our children the same opportunities as are available in other towns in Idaho and states in America.

Tim Dougherty
Bonners Ferry

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