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Getting a west coast vibe

February 22, 2023

Gotta love the new and improved Idafornia legislature now seated in Boise. Mexican cartels running parts of Canyon County, openly tagging “their” territory. Idaho HHS is running non-stop vaccination ads in English and Spanish urging everyone to vaccinate themselves and all those around them. A proposal to issue driver’s licenses with nothing more than a utility bill and a foreign ID card as proof of identification. Yet a state issued student ID may become unacceptable and absentee ballots may soon be severely restricted.

Medical personnel are leaving, retiring or just not moving to Idaho due to Boise continuing to come between you and your doctor. Medicaid passed by voters is on the chopping block. Doesn’t matter that it keeps your friends and neighbors out of tents, in their homes and gainfully employed for pennies on the dollar. Sssssh, we won’t mention legislators and their families enjoy paid for year-round, full medical coverage.

“Catch & Release” is no longer just for fish. Judges on the west coast of Idaho and southern Idahafornia are practicing it every day.

Looking for a tax cut? Soon you will be paying for public schools, private schools, home schools. An added $8,500.00 for “da’ kids” to go to school somewhere after graduation. The best part of this scheme? No tracking of the money! Wonder if K-9 school would pass muster?

Instead of keeping Idaho open and free, the out of state, out of touch legislature are getting the west coast “vibe.” We rule, you obey. Soon to be a year-round ruling class because there are so many screws that need tightening.

The saddest thing? It’s all done out in the open. Those that care and are concerned are no longer a voice in Idaho. “Local matters” is dead.
Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs

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