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Someone has to save these poor locals

March 6, 2023

Editors Note: Normally, I would not publish a letter from a person using a pseudonym and without including a phone number so I can identify the writer, even if anonymous, and verify they want to publish. In the case of this letter, I'd also ask, "are you serious?!" I make the exception with this letter as recent U.S. history since 2015 gives me cause to believe LA Joe is serious, as are those he mentions, and that there are more here like them who are also serious and who actually believe they are oppressed, when in fact they've lived lives of privilege, not seeing those truly oppressed they look down on every day; who insist that they are victims when in fact they are oppressors.

What follows is perhaps the most honest, succinct and sincere indictment of MAGA and those lying right wing groups attempting and accomplishing the takeover of government offices great and small, nation wide. They run for public office, are often elected to serve, and swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States with no intention of serving anything but their own narrow ideals. They proclaim "liberty," but only if it's theirs. They profess belief in "freedom," yet legislate to steal rights and take away choices. As per Mr. LA, they invoke a deity, cry high ideals and talk quite a game, don .45 caliber hip cannons, 14-inch Bowie knives and aver they know what's good for us.

I feel sorry for them.

The snow falls deep here, the hills slide, the mud runs deep. There are those who run to help, there are those who laugh and point fingers ... then there are these newfound folk who think they know what "we need," and crap their pants when the power goes out.

I said that with maximum condescension. I'm sure these  "old codgers" will stop laughing when you grocery store "patriots" get stuck; run out of firewood; blow a fuse, get pecked by a chicken upset you're taking her egg. They'll snicker, but they'll pull you out of the mire if needs be.
Mike Weland

By LA Joe
Camp Nine Road

Your recent editorial on Scott Herndon (Herndon rockets off to the start many feared) was very harsh and I do not agree. Scott Herndon is a liberty brother and is fighting against the government tyranny here in Boundary and Bonner Counties. He is helping to eradicate greed, porn, abortion, property taxes and other social sins from this great state. We are truly blessed to have liberty here in Boundary County and Senator Herndon has made our lives better.

I was recently in Super 1 and overheard two local codgers complaining about the "Alien Taliban invaders." They were gesturing at me since I was wearing my .45 caliber sidearm and my 14" Bowie knife. You would think these "good old boys" would have had more  respect for an armed Christian Patriot such as myself. These greed-ridden locals, as Mark Moseley (Ed. note; Boundary County Republican Central Committee Copeland precinct committeeman) has labeled them, don't understand that we newcomers are here to save them. Like Elenea Quinn (Ed. note; 2022 candidate Boundary County Republican Central Committee Moyie Springs precinct committeeman) said in an editorial last year, "someone has to save these poor locals."

Only outsiders who understand the outside world, like me and other Christian Patriots, can do this. We are immune to your name calling and we pity you for your naiveté. We know what is coming in the near future.

After 20 tedious years, slaving away in Los Angeles, I have come to Boundary County, like many other Christian Patriots, where we have time and good government pensions to help you folks prepare for what's to come. We will fight government oversight, oppression and overreach and all NATO takeovers. We will help you get ready for the insurrection soon to happen.

Thank God for Donna Capurso and Lynda Fioravanti for bringing us to Boundary County where we have Liberty and Peace! These angels continue to recruit  more Christian Patriots here to strengthen our community. Our faithful servants, like Adrienne Norris (the California Dreamin' gal) and Jeanine Betsher (the Memphis Belle), have cleaned up the sinful Boundary County library and are working diligently on disbanding our corrupt, ARPA-loving county commission. Soon our property taxes will be affordable and if more money is needed, we can hold bake sales and garage sales and ask the locals for donations.

Other Liberty servants are sanitizing the misguided Boundary County School Board just as our Liberty Senator, Scott Herndon, is disinfecting the bloated Idaho public education system at the Boise legislature.

To see our good results with Idaho public education, one only has to look to Kootenai County -- there our Liberty comrades are sterilizing North Idaho College and returning sanity to the classroom. Soon college kids will know liberty as we do and become solid Christian Patriot citizens.

Frankly, we see no need for public schools, a library, a hospital, a Restorium, a sheriff's department or any county government for that matter. Families and volunteers can take care of all these services and be free of any indoctrination and socialistic regulations.

We can live free of this oppressive government and have our liberty, as Heather Scott has proclaimed. Senator Herndon will soon be forming a Boundary/Bonner County militia which will protect all citizens and keep the peace. Just think, God willing, when this militia is formed. the good citizens of Boundary County can stroll the streets of Bonners Ferry without fear of incarceration or oppression.

When the blessed Ammon Bundy is Idaho's next governor and Donald Trump is back in the White House, our dreams will come true, with God's good graces. Senator Herndon will reclaim the Federal lands in Boundary County, which will provide opportunity for more homesteading -- and more of us Californians will come to live. The blatant federal overreach will be no more.

As the informal public relations specialist for the John Birch Society, I only write this letter to help the long-term citizens of Boundary County know what will be occurring and to ask your patience and understanding. There are a lot of good Liberals and RINOs in Boundary County who are peaceful souls and surely accepting of this future. There is also a lot of misinformation circulating and I hope I have cleared some of it up.

If I am not too busy, I will try to update you from time to time as our control becomes better established and as the local admiration for us Christian Patriots grows.

Questions or Comments? Send us an email!

I applaud you for publishing this letter. These so called armed Christian Patriots is the exact reason I am selling my property in Bonners and why I did not retire there. I grew up in Bonners and it is not the same place I enjoyed as a child, interned at DeHart Drug store and completed my college education at WSU becoming a licensed pharmacist. I have lived in a great many places, served a great many people throughout my husband and my careers so I know full well what it is to live out in the world. This type of extremism that spreads lies and untruths in the name of saving the naive is one of the most dangerous in the world, we do remember Hitler. Keep publishing the truth and stay strong for those of us who still believe in democracy and the freedom of choice for everyone.
Sue Bennett
Well Sue ... Sad to see you go. I guess that's your choice. Our country is changing, along with Boundary County and not for the better, at least at this time. My wife and I chose to retire here because of the beauty and people 30-plus years ago. We choose to stay and fight for common sense here in Bonners Ferry. At this time in history, I'm sure you're going to find the evil you "think" you are leaving is everywhere. We all are living in times of Revelations as stated in the Bible. Good luck with your new adventure. May God watch over you.
Kirk Dixon
Bonners Ferry
I’d like to point out that I never said anything about any “poor locals” and I don’t know if that’s your title or the anonymous person that submitted it. They have misquoted me and you should not have published it without verification. It is extremely irresponsible and I believe it to be another attempt to discredit me. Either retract it, or make an editors note that it was misquoted. If you’re going to publish such things you should make sure before you so eagerly point out who I am that it’s actually correct.
Elena Quinn
Moyie Springs
Editor's note: I stand corrected. Mrs. Quinn did not mention "poor locals," as claimed by the author, and the letter was actually published in 2021, not last year. Here is her letter in its entirety. ~ Mike Weland

Right-wing ideologues are trying to save us
Bonners Ferry Herald July 1, 2021

In response to those who think people coming in from out of state with "radical right-wing ideologies" are “trying to save us,” let me explain something – somebody has to.

We are coming from states where we were once simply conservatives. Like many conservatives we just wanted to do our jobs, raise our families, and stay out of politics. Yes, we stayed out of politics and sat on our complacent behinds while the state we lived in slowly was taken over by extreme liberal ideologies to the point that it became untenable.

We moved to what we thought was a free state only to find the liberals trying to carve out a foothold here. We love Idaho, and we are not going to let it become California, Oregon, Washington, New York, etc. without a fight.

You want drug user safe houses? Used drug needles and human feces littering the streets? Gangs and drug dealers? Extreme housing prices and taxes? Homeless setting up tent cities in our parks? Pedophilia as a "sexual preference?" Teaching kids that white people are oppressive and must pay for the sins of our forefathers?

If so, you just go ahead and keep sitting on your complacent behinds and do nothing. Or, here’s an idea. Stand up and fight for the luxury of freedom and liberty that you still have. With your help, maybe we can stop this liberal madness from destroying this great state.

Moyie Springs
Is LA Joe for real? I honestly can’t believe he is! I’m scared to admit that I moved here from northern California to most people ... now I know why. I always thought it was because they figured I would bring my liberal agenda, but it was the Christian Nationalists that they are afraid of, not me, a democrat (OMG!) from California. We all have a right to be afraid, very afraid of the likes of LA Joe, and all those mentioned in his email. Yikes! I don’t see Freedom or Liberty in anything they promote. Why do you need a gun in Super 1? Unless your going to rob the place or carry out a mass shooting, there is absolutely no reason to carry a gun in a grocery store.
Bonners Ferry
I am responding to your editor’s note published on March 6th, 2023 regarding “LA Joe.” Is this person a fictitious character of someone’s imagination?
You said it yourself, by stating that you normally do not publish letters from a person using a pseudonym and without including a phone number so you can identify the writer and verify the source.

By not fact checking this person’s credibility, you have done a great disservice to your readers. Specifically, “LA Joe’s” claim as the informal public relations specialist for the John Birch Society. I run our local chapter and we do not have an informal public relations specialist. And I certainly do not know anyone who calls themselves by this pseudonym.

This poses the question as to the veracity of the details in this story, and it leads me to believe this could be a fictitious character of someone’s imagination.

We all make mistakes from time to time. Unless the proper due diligence is conducted to verify this person as a credible source, then a retraction is in order.
Steve Fioravanti
JBS Chapter Leader – Bonners Ferry
Mike Weland, Publisher

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