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These are for you

March 8, 2023

I have long traveled through regions serving in and documenting different communities. Part of me seeks change and getting back to the heart of what community truly means, part of me seeks understanding of how the world has become so disconnected and lacking in the basics for our real purpose on earth. We are meant for unity and not division. To lift one another up and not bring each other down.

The fundamental foundation of God, love, compassion, true wisdom and so forth had all been but destroyed in most places. Boundary County attracted me based on a sign for what true community is and the ideal of being knitted together in strength inspired me.

These pictures I took were taken there during COVID and moved me. Seeing the American flag held high, being reminded of what it stands for (Red: valor and bravery. White: purity and innocence. Blue: vigilance, perseverance and justice) and children standing confidently reminding us not to live in fear boldly caught my attention.

Mike Weland, my dear friend, I am grateful for you and your writings. These are for you!

Jennifer Sells
Bonners Ferry

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