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Why I support public schools

March 13, 2023

With the M&O levy vote taking place many people question why public schools? I myself attended public schools in Boundary County, as did both of my parents, my siblings, numerous other relatives and now my own three children. The experiences and education that we have been able to receive while attending schools in Boundary County have shaped us to be the people that we are today.

As for my three children, my oldest graduated in 2017. She was able to participate on the dance team all four years of high school and I believe they qualified and attended state all four years. She was able to take several dual enrollment classes through NIC while in high school and was able to obtain her AA from NIC in one year post graduation due to these opportunities. My second child is a senior this year. She has been able to obtain her AA from NIC and graduated from there this past December, a semester prior to graduating high school. She has been able to obtain a job through the STRAP (school to registered apprenticeship program) and has been on our robotics team for five years. Through these experiences she has learned valuable lifelong skills. She has learned to weld, CAD, operate a CNC machine, plan and put into fruition a working robot from start to finish. She will be able to attend BSU this fall and plans to go on to attend medical school after obtaining her bachelors degree in Chemistry/Biology.

My youngest is a freshman this year. He discovered this year that he has a love of running and excelled while on the cross country team. Being a part of this team boosted his self confidence, helped him to sleep better, encouraged him to do better in school and helped him be part of a wonderful team full of dedicated coaches and supportive teammates. He flourished by being a part of this team. He is now participating in the Alpha + robotics team for his second year and is doing track as well. All of this while attending public schools in Boundary County.

The reason for mentioning all of these activities is because aside from the importance of a book education it is important that we are also able to provide our children with a well rounded experience and education. These activities help mold them into the individuals they are and help them with so many lifelong skills such as being a team player, working with a busy schedule, accountability and so much more.

All of my children can give you a list of teachers, coaches and staff members who made a lasting, positive impact in their lives from BCSD.

Every time I hear someone speak out against the schools or against the levy it stings a little. Many people speak out with half truths and flat out misinformation. Our children are not being indoctrinated in our schools. Our children are not being exposed to books that will harm them or many of the other things being thrown around. Our kids ARE being taught by teachers who care for kids and education. They are being coached by coaches and mentors who have the students' best interest in mind. They are surrounded by people who spend hours upon hours caring for, nurturing and worrying about these students and their well being.

Homeschooling and private school alternatives can have a place in our society, no doubt about it. But the fact of the matter is that public schools are a necessity and have a huge value to our community. Every parent cannot and should not be a teacher. There are many reasons for this. Public schools provide many things:
  • Availability: Public schools provide access to education for EVERY child in a community.
  • Diversity: Public schools allow our students to be with students who do not think, look or act just like them.
  • Academic opportunities: Public schools provide access to advanced classes, a wide variety of classes and staff to be able to help our children excel.
  • Extracurricular activities: Public schools allow our children access to a variety of sports, clubs and organizations.

We all have a choice to make when going to vote for the M&O levy. I know that for me that choice is an easy one to make. I will gladly be voting yes to support our children and our community.
Lael Alexander
Bonners Ferry

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