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A veteran grateful for the community's love

November 17, 2023

Two years ago August 1 my son and I with Lebron arrived at 1:30 a.m. in Bonners Ferry at the house we bought with both of us using our VA loans. What I've come to notice is how much everybody loves and genuinely cares for one another. Fast forward to this year, when the saddest day I knew was coming but hoped never would was upon me, and I debated with myself over and over and cried repeatedly over the impending decision that I was going to have to make.

I contacted Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic and asked how soon I could make an appointment so my best friend did not heve to start suffering, because he had yet to wine, cry or even yelp at this point, but it's just one of those things you know.

On the way in early on a Friday, I was driving and crying absolutely uncontrollably and Lebron got up in the car and licked the tears off my face, basically telling me at this point, "it's okay, dad, I love you and thank you."

Mike from 9B News put out a story about Lebron, asking help from the community to make sure everything was taken care of. There are not enough words to say thank you and how much that meant to me knowing that so many wanted Lebron to be peacefully at rest.

Some time had passed and I got a call from Linda at the Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic, explained who she was and what she and her husband, Dr. Roland Hall, DVM, were planning on doing and what she'd already started to do.

I, again blown away by the love in this community, very graciously accepted, setting off a huge range range of emotions and so much crying.

Linda contacted Mike at 9B News and he, without hesitation, put out a request to the community pertaining to what Linda wanted to do.

With overwhelming response from this community/family, the funds to purchase my new service dog was soon raised and plenty more to pay for all vaccinations and so on.

On Sunday, November 12, I got to go pick up my new best friend and service dog, Bronny.

I say to everyone, starting with Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic, Dr. and Linda Hall, Mike Weland at 9B News and everyone who helped from the beginning of this process how thankful I am.

It means so much to know that so many people cared. Until I saw the love from the community, I thought I was going to be another disabled veteran who fell to the statistic of "22b a day," as there were quite a few very dark days.

With that said, thank you all so very much. It truly means the world to me.
Andrew Cunningham Sr.
Bonners Ferry

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