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IDSOS, Bonner County challenge Lindell's "Big Lie" claims

September 30, 2021
Lawerence Denney Michael Rosedale Mike Lindell

A team from the office of the Idaho Secretary of State will be in Bonner County on Saturday, October 2, extending Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney’s review begun earlier this month of a document presented to the state dubbed “The Big Lie” and originating on a website showing a 2021 copyright from Michael J. Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, that alleges statewide digital manipulation of Idaho’s vote totals in the 2020 election, in which former president Donald Trump won with 63.8-percent of the vote.

“The office of the Idaho Secretary of State takes free, fair, and accurate elections seriously,” Denney said, “so when we are presented with allegations that come with specific details which we can examine, we want to do so.”

The document infers that all 44 of Idaho’s counties suffered digital or electronic manipulation of their respective results, not changing the total of ballots cast, but only re-assigning Donald Trump votes to Joseph Biden.

“Once we had the document in hand, we immediately believed there was something amiss,” Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck said. “This document alleged electronic manipulation in all 44 counties. At least seven Idaho counties have no electronic steps in their vote counting processes. That was a huge red flag, and one we knew we could either prove or disprove fairly directly.”

The team from Boise will work with bi-partisan representatives to conduct a hand recount of the November 2020 ballots from several randomly selected Bonner County precincts. Bonner County’s alleged difference is 2,244 votes, and Bonner County Clerk Michael Rosedale, on seeing the spreadsheet, volunteered for the selective review.

“If I have something wrong, I want to know about it," he said. "If I don’t, I want that exposed too.”

The Bonner review will be monitored by several registered electors from both parties, and conducted by Secretary of State staff. It will either be live-streamed on Bonner County’s website, recorded and released, or both.

The Office of the Secretary of State completed similar reviews of the ballots September 23 in both Camas and Butte counties, two of Idaho’s smallest counties that count ballots manually, tallying the votes by hand in a journal.

Those reviews found margins of error of well under one-percent in both instances, significantly shy of the reported error rate of roughly 8.4-percent alleged in “The Big Lie.”

The page alleges that rather than the reported statewide total of Donald Trump winning by 554,119 votes to Joe Biden's 287,021, a margin of 287,021 votes, "the big lie," Trump actually won by 337,812 votes, "the truth;" Trump 589,476, Biden 251,664.

It goes on to break down "the truth" and "the big lie" county by county. In Bonner County, the page reports "the truth" as 7,188 Biden votes to 19,491 for Trump, not the big lie reported by the county, 8,310 Biden to 18,369 for Trump.

In Boundary County, Lindell claims a 516 vote discrepancy, his "truth" alleging 916 Biden votes to 5,195 for Trump rather than the reported 1,220 Biden to 4,937 Trump.

“We are thankful that Bonner County is giving us an opportunity to demonstrate what we have said and continue to stand by, that regardless of how a county counts their ballots, Idaho’s processes, checks and balances produce free, fair and accurate elections that Idahoans can trust, and that if you provide our office with specific data or information to the contrary, we will look into those concerns,” said Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck, who will be overseeing the process in Bonner County.

The video feed for the recount will be available starting at 8 a.m. Saturday.

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Reader's Comments ...
So we have to pay for the check of our election results because an idiot makes preposterous claims about our election process. The wonders of “Wonder Land” never cease. Why doesn’t Lindell just crawl in a hole and pull the dirt over on top of himself? Have they no ethics or shame?
Chuck Giordano
Bonners Ferry
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