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Idaho Forest Products week just ahead

October 15, 2021

Governor Brad Little has formally proclaimed the week of October 18-22 as Idaho Forest Products Week and a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the industry in Idaho.

“The Idaho Forest Products Industry plays an essential part of the state’s history, culture, environment and economy,” Little said. “It also plays an essential role as a fundamental industry to the State of Idaho, providing for the production of wood and paper products from Idaho forests.”

Idaho has 21.5 million acres of forest land spanning from the Canadian border to the southern edge of the state. Over 40% of Idaho is covered in trees.

Idaho’s forest sector is one of Idaho’s leading trade sectors, contributing more than $2.4 billion to the state’s gross and state product, providing 31,000 jobs and generating more than $3 billion in sales and $25 million in tax revenue.

“Sustainable forest management under the Idaho Forest Practices Act provides countless benefits, including clean air and water, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, scenic beauty, local renewable energy, forest products used by Idahoans every day, and employment and tax revenue for local communities, counties and the state of Idaho,” Little said.

Wood is widely recognized as renewable, recyclable, durable, versatile and energy efficient green building materials.

Products from sustainably managed forests play a critical role in combating climate change due to natural process of photosynthesis where trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, release oxygen into the atmosphere and capture carbon, which is stored in wood products for the life of the product. Manage. Harvest. Plant. Repeat.

The carbon solution is in the proven, sustainable cycle.

Healthy forests, healthy Idaho! To learn more about the forest products industry in Idaho and sustainably managed forests or to obtain informational resources and teaching materials visit:

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