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Poston running to serve city he knows and believes in

October 16, 2021

Lifelong Boundary County resident Brion Poston is one of three candidates running for two seats on the Bonners Ferry City Council in the November 2 election. His choice to run, he said, is not politically motivated, but because he believes in our community.

"I am a common sense, hard working man who is easily approachable and believes in representing my friends and neighbors to the best of my ability," he wrote. "I believe in our community and being actively involved in helping Bonners Ferry remain a wonderful place to live for future generations."

Poston graduated from Bonners Ferry High School and attended the University of Idaho for three years before returning home to work for Larry's Sport Center and then in the timber industry, hauling logs for Beloit Mendenhall for about seven years, when he hired on as a mechanic at Boundary Tractor.

He eventually moved into the parts department and eventually shop manager before his retirement after more than 30 years in 2019.

He and his wife Glenda have been married 42 years and they have one daughter, Jessica, and three granddaughters, who live locally.

"Community involvement is something that is very important to me and I have always been a very active member of this community," he wrote. "From being selected as 'Volunteer of the Year' for the many community events my wife and I organized, to coaching boys’ and girls’ basketball teams for our local schools and youth leagues, I have spent countless hours investing in our community. I’m a current member of the Boundary County Waterways Board, the City of Bonners Ferry Golf Committee and Friends of Mirror Lake, where we have raised funds to improve our local golf course which have allowed for the building of a new restroom facility, improvement to tee boxes, bringing in sand for the course and working to improve cart paths. When not busy with these different activities, I can be found cheering my granddaughters on in sports, helping my daughter coach parks and rec basketball, riding my dirt bike and enjoying time in the mountains of Boundary County."

After two years in retirement, Poston now has the time and energy to give back to his community in a new way.

"The City of Bonners Ferry has several major assets, including the Moyie Dam, water and sewer systems, city police and the fire department, and I want to work to protect those assets as our town grows and changes," he writes. "I also believe it is important to continue to maintain and improve upon our city’s recreational assets, such as the golf course, which also brings in some revenue to the city, and the municipal pool, which provides a safe and healthy place for our children and grandchildren to play and learn to swim, as well as provides summer employment opportunities for our community’s high school and college students. I want to help ensure these assets continue to be sustainable well into the future, and would say this is my primary reason for running for City Council."

Poston has lived here and seen his community grow and change over the course of 60-plus years, through good times and times of hardship, such as when the city lost one of its largest employers, the sawmill. Working as shop manager at Boundary Tractor, he has worked with and come to know many from around Boundary County, helping them solve problems and resolve issues. Serving on a varierty of civic boards, he has a grasp of a variety of issues involving the city and has played a role in addressing them and he's learned and understands the processes of meetings and the conduct of the city's business.

"I understand this town as well as anybody," he wrote, "and even though I know where this town has been, most importantly, I am focused on where this town is going."

He has, he said, no "agenda, and he's not going into office to try to change something that's already working.

" I’m wanting to be there to become involved and work toward a common goal of a sound and resourceful city, " he writes. "I think the City of Bonners Ferry is managed by very competent people. My decision to run is based solely on the fact that I have the time to invest in a council seat, the knowledge to make informed, common-sense decisions, and I would like to be involved with the City of Bonners Ferry, where I have lived my entire life."

If elected, he said, he would work diligently to maintain and protect several key city assets for the future.

"The most important would be the city owned damn at Moyie Springs," Poston writes. "It is currently undergoing a critical infrastructure improvement; I want to ensure that these types of inspections and maintenance continue for our future. Additionally, our drinking water and the quality of our water is a topic I believe is very important. We have always had exceptional water in the City of Bonners Ferry and this past year, the pristine water quality that we have grown accustomed to was greatly impacted. I believe it is important to work to find solutions for maintaining the quality of the city’s drinking water. Lastly, the city’s sewer system is extremely important to maintain, especially with the current growth our community has seen. I want to ensure that its capacity is sufficient for our future.

"Bonners Ferry has seen immense growth in recent years. The main concern I have is the stress this growth places on our infrastructure, including our water, sewer, electric and roads. My goal, if I were to be elected to City Council, is to work to preserve the quality of our infrastructure for the future. In addition to the physical infrastructure of Bonners Ferry and the departments who maintain them, I believe you must include the services the City of Bonners Ferry provides to help our community run efficiently and safely, including City Police and Fire. It is important these essential departments remain supported.

"I thank you for taking the time to consider myself and encourage you to do your civic duty and vote on November 2, 2021."

Polls for Bonners Ferry precincts will be open at the Boundary County Fairgrounds from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 2.

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